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About Cumberland Hearing Aid Center

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Cumberland Hearing Aid Center has been around for 35 years and counting. It was founded by Charles and Pat Lovingood, who believed in the importance of treating clients with kindness and a personal touch. As other hearing instrument specialists in the Crossville area have come and gone, we've remained a steady part of the community. We have earned a reputation for being trustworthy, compassionate, and caring towards our clients.

The Lovingoods had been searching for the right person to carry on their legacy, and they found that in Cynthia Whiston. Cynthia’s father had been a longtime client of theirs and the Lovingoods noticed that she had the same caring personality as they did. Like them, Cynthia values people as individuals, and she loves having conversations and getting to know the people she helps. She earned her official hearing instrument specialist license and over the next several years, the Lovingoods and Cynthia worked together to transition the practice into Cynthia's hands. Now, she proudly continues what they started more than three decades ago.

Cynthia Whiston Cynthia Whiston, Board Certified hearing specialists tennessee

Owner, Hearing Instrument Specialist

Cynthia Whiston, Hearing Instrument Specialist at a hearing aid center near me

Before coming to Tennessee, Cynthia worked for sixteen years as a certified medical assistant and office manager in Michigan. She managed multiple offices and had an array of professional experiences. She left her job and all she loved to move south in order to help her parents.

One day, she brought her father to have his hearing aids repaired at Cumberland Hearing Aid Center. Charles, Pat and Cynthia "clicked," and they discussed her purchasing the practice from them so they could retire. The three of them worked tirelessly toward that end until they accomplished it. Now Cynthia is a board-certified hearing instrument specialist and the proud owner of Cumberland Hearing Aid Center. This office has been tirelessly helping the hearing impaired change their lives for over 30 years. Cynthia is determined to continue and improve upon the traditions that have been set in order to serve the wonderful people of Cumberland County, her adopted home.

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