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Hearing FAQs

We’re available to answer your questions at any time because we care about helping you. If you ever want to know more about hearing aids or you just have a question for us, don’t hesitate to call or send us an email and we’ll give you the most thorough answer we can.
Most hearing loss is sensorineural, which can be treated effectively with hearing aids. Conductive hearing loss may be caused by a blockage in your ear, such as an accumulation of earwax or congestion due to illness. In some cases, your hearing loss may require surgery or other medical intervention. A hearing test will let us understand what kind of hearing loss you have. If we think your hearing loss requires more than hearing aids, we’ll refer you to a specialist.
Hearing aids are a treatment plan, not a cure. They can help you regain sounds while you are wearing them, but they won’t change the underlying issue. Think of them like glasses; they are a tool you can use to help you hear better.
Hearing aids won’t damage your ears or any part of your hearing system. What can happen is that when you start wearing hearing aids, you get used to hearing sounds you didn’t realize you were missing. Once you’re used to those sounds, you begin to notice their absence when you aren’t wearing your hearing aids. It’s not that your hearing has gotten worse; it’s just that you now know what sounds you’re missing without them.
If you have hearing loss, it’s better to get hearing aids sooner rather than later. Your brain can eventually lose some of its ability to comprehend sound it no longer hears. This can be a problem because then you may not be able to understand sounds even if you can hear. Hearing aids can prevent you from losing your ability to process sounds and understand them.
>All hearing aids today are digital; meaning they can automatically adjust to the sounds around you. Hearing aids don’t just amplify sound, they can also filter out background noise. At Cumberland Hearing Aid Center, we only carry the best technology to help you hear better.
In general, hearing aids will last 3-7 years. Many people chose to take advantage of new technology and upgrade their devices around the 3–5-year mark. If you take care of your hearing aids, they will provide you with many years of better hearing.